Car Imports from UK/Japan

We are also actively involved in importing cars from Japan and based on the service provided by us our clients are extremely happy and satisfied with the result that the graph of our volume has been on the rise continuously. While we are catering for various customers of cars from Japan we also have the support of some of the major customers from Japan. Just to give an idea of the volume handled by us — Pakistan is presently importing around 3000-3500 cars per month out of which we, as OTA, have a volume of around 2000-2200 cars per month which is over 60% of the total business.

Based on our volume we have also been awarded a 'LETTER OF APPRECIATION' by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) Govt. of Pakistan and a 'SEGMENT PERFORMER OF THE YEAR' Award by Safmarine Lines in February 2015 which clearly indicates our commitment towards our customers and the professionalism of our service to the trade.


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